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Ok, I’m A Donkey.

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I just wrote this scathing dress-down of Tim Pawlenty and his infamous quote from the recent Republican debates in New Hampshire.   I said he was catering to the lowest common denominator, who sees international politics like a tank game.  Or  something like that.  How dare he!

Then, five minutes after posting, I see THIS.  I only care about the first three or so seconds.

What.  The.  Hey.  I threw in a twenty and two weekends to elect this guy; that’s not cool!  But alas, it’s heavily edited.  I doubt Obama really specifically ran out and said “The good news?  We’re not Portugal.”    What was the original statement?

Well, you can fight the notion that Portugal isn’t important.  But you can’t deny it’s in a financial crisis.    I’m not sure, however,  that to the uninformed ear, Portugal sounds any less like the Black Hole of Calcutta.  And that doesn’t help any more than Pawlenty.

I wonder what the Greeks are saying.

About A. Savage Ross

I used to know as many Portuguese words as I knew English words. This was long before I knew words like "ephemeral" and "fleeting" and "gripping self-consciousness." Fast forward a few decades (and ill-fated classes) I am trying to learn how to string actual Portuguese sentences together and sound like an intelligent person.

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  1. I like the first video. It points out that Portugal has more than just some bond rating from a U.S. firm, who, let’s remember, was the same firm that rated all those mortgage-backed securities “AAA”, or highest investment grade, that ultimately turned out to be garbage, lixo.
    I was recently at the World Music Festival in Sines (go to to check it out) and the young people there couldn’t give a Pawlenty about Moody’s. I was at a friends house earlier that week and her mom said to me, “You know, I love America, but I hate Moody’s.” Yep. That’s pretty much it around Lisbon as well.

  2. Yeah, well, America just got a spanking as well! Those people suck!!

    And in both places, it’s people like you and me who will bear most of the consequences of all of this.

    I like the video as well, I was just amazed that after I skewered Pawlenty, freaking Obama ALSO used Portugal as a big, old, suckyplace example. It wasn’t quite as nasty- he was obviously talking about economics, not trying to polish off his proverbial nationalistic wank machine at other countries’ expense, but still….


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